Happy St. Paddy's Day!

    B'gosh and angora! Which means "Scrub my Pot!" in Gaelic!  What's Gaelic?! Why that's the language of the old country-the language of our dear Emerald Isle.  A magical day for me all ready - a wonderful gig appeared from out of nowhere at the drop of a tam-o-shanter a decision had to be made-
    Plus CW is acting like an entrepreneur hocking green hats & flashing shamrocks, while I got thrown out of a bar on 8th Avenue for handing someone a flyer about the Hillbilly Hayride and when the bartender busted me the two guys and a gal at the other side of me brushed their fingers at me in the "shamey shamey shamey on you sign" suddenly I was the bad girl and I stood there all alone, savoring the moment and my pint of Stella.
    Finally leaving without protest, I saw the small circle of musicians at the end of the second room quietly strumming - something.  At least I hadn't washed my hair.

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