Was My Face Red!

    There I was hosting the CBGBs monthly Honky Tonk Hootenanny.  It had been a beautiful sunny day and I had curled my hair with my molecular steam curlers because I wanted to look so nice and purty for the crowd.  After all I was wearin' red and yeller and that's when you're s'posed to get to kiss your feller.  Imagine how silly I felt when I took off my hat to fan myself and CW said, "Lindy Loo - You've got a roller in the back of your head!  Want me to take it out for ya?"  I started laughing at myself and said, "Nosiree!  I'm gonna take it out on stage and tell all of the audience on myself."
    So I went onstage and said to all the ladies in the crowd- "Well scrub my pot!  I sure hope this never happens to you gals but I got in such a rush today, and then I couldn't see the back of my head."  Turning around, I removed my hat and showed them all, "Here I done left a roller in my hair!  You can even see the end paper I used so my curls would be nice and smooth."  Well don't you know it got one of the biggest laughs of the night! 
    Thank goodness I wasn't in church.  I remember when I was around 10 years old and just getting into primping on my own.  For church that week, I had tried to re-create a beautiful hairstyle I had seen in my Millie the Model comic.  Even if I do say so myself, from the front it looked beautiful to me and I felt very grown up and sophisticated.  With my red hair I thought I almost looked like the mean model in the comic, Chili Storm, although her signature hairstyle always covered one eye.  Guess it saved a lot of time on eye makeup.
    Sitting there in the pew at church listening to Rev. Jerry telling his weekly Bible story to the kids with the help of his ventriquilist dummy, Little Rev. Jerry.  He wasn't a very good ventriliquist which was emphasized by the fact that he let Little Rev. Jerry tell most of the story leaving the kids to cock their heads from side to side like confused puppy dogs.
    How quickly my feelings of looking like a la-dee-dah lady went out the window  when I heard in a very loud whisper right behind me, "My gosh - she must have used a whole pack of bobby pins in her hair!  There couldn't be more metal in her head if she had a steel plate in it!"  Chili Storm would never have been caught out like that!  Was my face red! 

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