Progress NOT Perfection

    Well Scrub my Pot!  It's been a little while since I last "blogged" as ya'll say.  A LOT- A LOT has been going on since our mention in Country Weekly last November.  But it's all been pretty terrific.  The other problem is that I have treated this like it has to be so good so that you will LIKE the writing and that is not the point of having a blog.  You're supposed to just write what's on your mind that day and I have been a little too precious about the whole thing.  So enough of that--besides I think CW might put a boot in my butt if I don't just start writing all the time.  ALSO-when I do write I have to not always go on and on and on-brevity is the soul of wit-but Hey I never claimed I was that witty.
    What do you put off in fear of not being perfect?  Progress not Perfection - let that be our motto for the day maybe even for life.  XXO, Lindy LOO

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