Welcome to From Under My Hat

From under my hat is a place where I hope to share my different views on very different topics. It is also a place for those of you who do read what I write and who wish to comment on my opinions are more than welcome to do so.  I chose the title, "From Under My Hat" because as a former society editor and a fan of Hedda Hopper, I just feel it's the only proper place for a lady to hide her secrets.  Unless of course we are talking about Miss Angel Drake for she keeps her secrets in another place entirely.  I would also love to have any suggestions for topics to write about that might interest you as this will also be a forum to develop the point of view for my new solo show, a hick in the Big City.  So again, welcome and I hope you will enjoy this as much as I all ready am enjoying my very own blog--yes, that's right BLOG.  Not to be confused with The Blob a horror movie made great mainly by the presence of the beautiful Steve McQueen.  (I guess that gives you a small taste of what we're in for here)  Until then, I'm just a Big City Hick.